Michael Peetermans


2008Vers geperst (Historical Post office building "Halle"- Belgium): Exposition for young beginning creative souls organised by C. Moerenhout.

2011Pastabar Basta (Halle): A Humouristic mural about the city Halle.  Project in collaboration with J Vankeerberghen./ Galerie Mong Blok: Exposition 'Grote KLein-kunst".

2012Community Halle: A historical painting about Lembeek on canvas (180x400cm).  In collaboration with Jan Vankeerberghen.

2013Spanish restaurant "Chupito" (Halle): Mural: Flamenco dancer (150x300cm)./ Demanet Luxury leather products (Halle): Reproductions of my paintings on quality suitcases.

2014Community Halle: Presentation about my design of the christmas poster on canvas (70x100cm)./ Demanet luxury leather products (Halle): Art paintings on polyester statues.

2015Volvo Desmet Brussels: Art-car Volvo 262C Bertoné (handpainted)

2016: Volvo Desmet Brussels: painting of Volvo history on canvas (180c160cm)./ Hotel Les Eleveurs Halle (Andy De Brouwer): ART-scooter Lambretta (handpainted)./ Galerie IN Lamarque Switzerland: Since August 2016 permanent exposition in Galerie IN Lamarque (Crans-Montana, Switzerland)/ Könscht am gronn Luxemburg (August & October 2016): open air exposition in Luxemburg./ Audi Don Bosco Halle: ART-cow "Cowdi" ./ Community Galmaarden: ART-cow 'The Shield'/ Merckx Meubelen Ninove (furniture shop): exposition & demonstration. Permanent exposition of the ART-tables created by myself./ 't Fonteintje & De Maxx (Herne): Exposition of all my art works during december 2016.

2017ART3F Paris (Paris expo): ART-fair Parijs./ Galerie International Artitude Paris France: permanent exposition in gallery Artitude and international exposition (Shanghai, Peking, New York, Miami, Brussels, Paris)./ Lambermontmartre Antwerpen: outdoor expo of all-round artist./ Mixart gallery Sint-Maarten-Bodegem: Belgian gallery, on-line gallery.  Permanent exposition on-line.  Expo in September and October./ Build & Lifestyle- Luxury fair: exposition of my collection/Expo ART3F Brussels Expo: Presentation of the limited collection 'Potvis' (www.peetermans-limited.com).


- Art painting on exclusive speedboats: Presentation of ART-Dipiu.

- Permanent exposition of the Peetermans-Limited/ Spermwhale collection. Organisation: Galerie Woussen Knokke.

- Exposition/ presentation of the new Peetermans-Limited collection 'Mussels'. Organisation: Galerie Mixart

- Presentation of the new Peetermans-Limited collection 'Mussels'. Organisation: Multiarts Event Paris


Galerie MixArt:

Hugo Tanghe


+32(0)485 520 853